Upper Cumberland Pride is honored to have Pride Royalty chosen each year at the Royalty Pageant. Our Royals are an integral part of making our Pride festival happen each year. Entertainers are encouraged to enter the category with which they identify.

Pride Royalty is under the direction of the Vice President it is made up of talented activists, artists, and performers from across the region. Pride Royalty is for those wanting to make a difference in our community through fundraising and volunteering alongside Upper Cumberland Pride.

  • Johnny Boy
    Johnny Boy 2021 Mister, 2016 Mister
  • Katie Love 2019 Queen, 2015 Queen
  • Wendy Williams
    Wendy Williams 2019 Diva
  • Chase Sky
    Chase Sky 2019 Mister, 2018 King
  • Scarlette Couture
    Scarlette Couture 2018 Queen
  • Kitty Onasis
    Kitty Onasis 2018 Diva
  • Deja Banks Black
    Deja Banks Black 2017 Diva
  • Warren Peace
    Warren Peace 2017 Mister
  • Adam Thomas
    Adam Thomas 2016 King, 2013 King
  • Michael Kane
    Michael Kane 2015 King
  • Trinity Lane 2013 Queen
  • Summer Starr
    Summer Starr 2012 Queen
  • Jay Love 2012 King
  • Ashley West
    Ashley West 2011 Queen

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